The Best Cues for the Game of Pool


A cue stick is a utility in a pool game. A pool cue is also used in snooker and billiard games. A pool cue is used in striking of the cue ball as not just any ball is stroke. Made out of wood, a pool cue is tapered stick that is either covered in graphite or fiber glass. All pool sticks are not identical, they come with different styles and each style has unique qualities that is different from another.

Most pool cues will be 58 inches but some come in different sizes. A pool stick will come in one piece and they are the originals ever made going back in time. There are two pieces sticks but they are most common with players who bring their own pool cues to a game. Making the pool stick in two pieces enables storage to be easy and at the same time make portability as easy as possible. A pool stick that comes in two pieces is not divided at the center only but it can be at near the end of the stick.

A two piece pool cue also enables a player to make some special moves such as jumping. The pieces of a two piece pool cue can be dismantled and added to a one piece cue so as to give the player some better handling. All pool cues have a tapered shape where they decrease in diameter from the back end to the front end of the stick. Some pool cues have tips that can be changed and this brings about different impacts on the cue ball. For the love of the game some pool cues are made from some very unique materials  have been used in making pool cues such as bones or other materials that  are encrusted in expensive materials.

Custom pool cues are very unique and they are usually made in a way that they stand out from the rest in when playing against other people. Painting or having some colorful patterns on your pool cue is on way of adding a custom touch.

If you went to a cue maker, they would inform you that there are two types of custom made pool cues, those that are fully customized and the semi-custom made cues. For a semi-custom pool cue also known as production customized cues, they are the kind existing in stock with very specific customer specs. Full custom made pool cues are those made with the specific instructions of the customer and there are no identical pool cues of the same kind, they are made from scratch. The internet is reliable when it comes to finding stores and individuals in the line of cue making and customization.


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